How to participate?

The following are the six steps to be followed, for participating in the SSGCI competition:

1. Register your interest by writing to
2. Download sample dataset (details here)
3. Adapt your program to the input/output file formats (details here)
4. Download test dataset and run your program on it (details here)
5. Submit the result files (details here)
6. Submit the description of your method (details here)

Management of the competition

The registration to the competition is only a registration of interest. It does not commit you to submit any results. Only the teams that are registered will have an exclusive access to the sample and test datasets until the announcement of the results in August 2018 during ICPR.

The competition is managed in an open mode which means that we do not ask you to provide source code and/or binaries of your algorithm but only your results. However, the organizers reserve the right to inquire about details of a participant’s method.

Special issue of a journal

The participants of SSGCI will be invited to submit papers for a special issue of a well reputed journal.